Hello Everyone,
I wanted to reach out to see who is still scared to go outside like me? during this time, it can be very scary and I haven’t even gotten as far as my parking lot. lol
I say to myself? man, is it just me? I am not sure when I will feel 100%z to go outside but hopefully, I will soon.
I wanted to hear your thoughts on that and how you are dealing with everything during this time.

I am out very regularly. Even though I am immune compromised with a type of leukemia, I have to get out every morning and get my miles in speed walking. It’s early in the morning, I am VERY social distanced from everyone and I am working up a good sweat and staying as healthy as I can. I am not affecting anyone doing this and nobody is affecting me. I feel that the very real benefit of exercise and getting out far outweighs the almost zero risk involved in doing it the way I am doing it. I know that this approach does not work for everyone and I think that is okay.

Please endorse my nomination!

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Oh wow thank you for sharing. That’s good you are getting out